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TVP Prusik 

 "TVP" Prusik Cord 5/16" or 3/8" Technora®, Vectran®, and Polyester

TVP - Premium Prusik Cord is 16-Strand Composite for 5/16" (on top) and a 12-Strand Composite for 3/8" (on bottom). Any length Eye and Eye Prusik or 10' lengths are available for tying a double fisherman's knot or splicing.  The combination of 33.4% Technora® , 33.3% Vectran®  and 33.3% Polyester provides the abrasion resistance you need.  

  • Technora®  is 900 Degree Heat Resistance.
  • Vectran®  is 600 Degree Heat Resistance and Flexible.
  • 12-Strand Combination of Fibers provides Heat Resistance, Flexibility and Durability.
  • Husky Coating provides extra abrasion resistance.

Stock Sizes                                 *All Special Lengths and Diameters are available.*



Min. Break





AG16STVP516-32 5/16" x 32" 6,200 lbs 10/ Pack 0.5 lbs Individually Packaged Yellow
AG16STVP516250 5/16" x 250' 6,200 lbs 10/ Pack 6.0 lbs Reel Yellow
AG12STVP38-10 3/8" x 10' 10,000 lbs 10/ Pack 0.5 lbs Individually Packaged Yellow
AG12STVP38250 3/8" x 250" 10,000 lbs 1 7.8 lbs Reel Yellow
*TECHNORA® is a Registered Trademark of Teijin, LTD, VECTRAN® is a Registered Trademark of Celanese Acetate LLC

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