Branch Saver™

Synthetic Cabling Hollow Braid Polyester

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Branch Saver™ is an adjustable system for bracing limbs. Ice storms, wind storms and hurricanes can do damage to the earths most valuable trees. Broken Limbs Don't Always Require Removal. Often a Branch is Capable of Healing with support from a Branch Saver™ systems.

Key Benefits

  • UV Resistant Polyester - Extremely long-lasting Synthetic Cabling.
  • Fast and Lightweight an Excellent Alternative to Wire Rope.
  • Easy to Splice and Safe to Work with. 
  • Quick to adjust the bracing length
SKU Size Average Tensile Quantity Weight Color SWL
AGHBP38300B 3/8" x 300' 3,000 lbs Reel 7.4 lbs Black 600 lbs
AGHBP12300B 1/2" 300' 6,100 lbs Reel 10 lbs Black 1,200 lbs
AGHBP34300B 3/4" x 300' 10,600 lbs Reel 13 lbs Black
2,120 lbs

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