Cell Tower

Climbing Lines

Tower Line™ 1/2"
1/2" 12.7mm 32-Strand Static Kernmantle Climbing Line. 32-Strand Polyester Jacket over 8-Strand Polyester Parallel Core. 8,200 Lb. Avg. Tensile.
Tower Line™ 7/16"
7/16" - 11mm 32-Strand Low Stretch Static Line. Polyester Jacket 8-Strand Polyester Parallel Core. 6,800 Lb. Avg. Tensile.
Finish Line™
7/16” - 11mm 32-Strand Static Kernmantle 32-Strand Polyester Jacket over an 8-Strand Nylon Parallel Core. Low Stretch. 7,800 Lb. Avg. Tensile.
Camo-#AGKM38CAMO Black-#AGKM38B
3/8" or 10mm Static Kernmantle Avg. Tensile 6000lbs.

Rigging Lines

Husky Bull Rope™
Double Braid Construction with a Polyester Cover and a Nylon Core. Husky Urethane™ Coating. Abrasion Resistant.