11.2mm 24-Strand EZ Lanyard™ Configuration

All Gear's EZ Adjustable Safety Lanyard™ is a combination of a
24-Strand Polyester Climbing Line with an Aluminium Double Locking Snap
coupled with a Friction Prusiks with or without hooks.

The EZ Adjustable Safety Lanyard configuration provides you with the ability to increase safety with an Adjustable Prusik and the ability to completely customize the product to your specifications. Quality engineering and construction are guaranteed by excellent quality control. Custom Lengths Available.

Easy to adjust on the go. Meets ANSI Z133-2017 requirement for all climbers to use a lanyard as a secondary attachment.

SKU Size Package Weight Color
AGEZ1128 11.2mm x 8' H.D. Poly Bag 10 lbs Cherry Bomb™
AGEZ11210 11.2mm x 10' H.D. Poly Bag 10 lbs Cherry Bomb™
AGEZ11212 11.2mm x 12' H.D. Poly Bag 10 lbs Cherry Bomb™

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