3-to-1 Mechanical Advantage Rigging Kit


Our 3-to-1 Rigging Kit contains the following items:

  • One 1/2" x 150' Husky Bull Rope™ Coated in our Husky Urethane™ Coating 10,000 lbs Average Break Strength
  • One 1-1/8" All Gear Low Friction Ring 14,000 lbs. WLL
  • One 1/2" x 8' Soft Rig Sling 11,000 lbs Average Break Strength
  • One 3/8” X 38” Rigging Prusik 5,400 lbs. Average Break Strength when pulled eye to eye, and 8,800 lbs. Average Break Strength when configured in a Prusik Knot
  • One Steel Oval Carabiner 5,620 lbs Average Break Strength

Key Benefits

  • All you need to build a 3-to-1 MA system
  • Three times the pulling force when the system is set up
  • Excellent for pulling over trees during felling operations
  • No Pulleys / Blocks are needed

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